Reflecting on BCM313

This subject ‘the future of work’ has taught me valuable lessons inn; who I want to be, who I want to work for, what I want to be doing and why I want to being doing it. My career goals have adapted based on my new understanding of the values I wish to be driven by […]

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Interview: Rosina McAlpine

This week I interviewed Dr. Rosina McAlpine, who is the founder and CEO of Win-Win Parenting, a company that works with other companies to teach working parents how to find a balance between work and family. I interned with Rosina last semester and during that time I realized what an admiral boss and businesswoman she was. […]

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Narrative Reflection: The power of positivity in shaping workplace productivity.

Bumble, Yelp, AOL, Adobe and Yahoo are a few among the growing list of companies being heralded for their ‘fun’ workplace environments. CEOs from the majority of these companies stated that they want their staff to be excited to go to work and that it helps productivity. It seems counterintuitive that staff would be more […]

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This blog post is all about me

  My mum has always found my obsession with family history and my childhood strange. I’ve spent many hours pouring over photographs, asking my mum for funny stories of my childhood and piecing together my family lineage. Further unto this I love to have others tell me who I remind them of, or to tell […]

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The essay that destroyed me.

PRELUDE TO ESSAY This is my essay for BCM112, on how convergence effects the relationship between technology and the audience, I removed my footnoting so if you need to know where it came from, just ask please my kind people. Introduction Media convergence has created a new symbiotic relationship between the audience and technology, no longer […]

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D.I.Y media

The thing I find most interesting about the change from material to digital objects is the expanding horizons of ways things can be reinterpreted and made easier. I decide to take an audio form, turn it into a digital image, and then print it into a material form. The benefits of this transformation can be […]

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Just a citizen journalising.

Sorry guys this was meant to be up last week but the video would not upload! basically I’m talking about citizen journalism and interviewing members of the public  my campus about what citizen journalist are and why it is or isn’t important. As always lets remember its the thought that counts not cool transitioning and […]

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Transmedia storytelling is the process of creating a storyline that spans across many different media platforms, within the same product.The purpose of this is to engage different demographics and create a community that is unignorable, the larger the web the  harder it is to avoid. This meme is just playing on the difficulty of staying […]

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